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transplant; transplantar; transplantation; transplantation antigen; transplantation, autologous; transplantation chimera; transplantation conditioning; transplantation genetics; transplantation, heterologous; transplantation, heterotopic; transplantation, homologous; transplantation immunology; transplantation, isogeneic; transplantation of cornea; transplantation reaction; transplanter; transplant lung syndrome; transplants; transpleural; transporionic axis; transport; transportal; transport antibiotic; transportase; transportation; transportation of patients; transport diseases; transporter; transport host; transport medium; transport number; transport protein; transport tetany; transport vesicle; transposable element; transposase; transpose; transposition; transposition of arterial stems; transposition of great vessels; transposition of the great vessels; transposon; transposon mutagenesis; transpulmonary pressure; transpyloric plane; trans-retinal; transsection; transsegmental; transseptal; transseptal fibres; transseptal orchiopexy; transsexual; transsexualism; transsexual surgery; transsphenoidal; trans splicing; trans-splicing; transstadial transmission; transsulfurase; transsulfuration; transsynaptic; transsynaptic chromatolysis; transsynaptic degeneration; transtentorial; transtentorial herniation; transthalamic; transthermia; transthoracic; transthoracic oesophagectomy; transthoracic pacemaker; transthoracic pressure; transthoracotomy; transthyretin; transubstantiate; transubstantiation; transudate; transudation; transude; transulfurase; transureteroureteral anastomosis; transureteroureterostomy; transurethral; transurethral prostatectomy; transurethral resection; transurethral resection syndrome; transvaalin; transvaginal; transvaginal ultrasound; transvector; transvenous; transversal; transversalis; transversalis fascia; transverse; transverse abdominal incision; transverse amputation; transverse anthelicine groove; transverse arch of foot; transverse artery of neck; transverse arytenoid muscle; transverse atlantal ligament; transverse auricular muscle; transverse branches; transverse carpal ligament; transverse cervical artery; transverse cervical nerve; transverse cervical veins; transverse colon; transverse costal facet; transverse crest; transverse crest of internal acoustic meatus; transverse crural ligament; transversectomy; transverse diameter; transverse disk; transverse ductules of epoophoron; transverse facial artery; transverse facial fracture; transverse facial vein; transverse fasciculi; transverse fissure of cerebellum; transverse fissure of cerebrum; transverse fissure of the lung; transverse foramen; transverse fornix; transverse fracture; transverse genicular ligament; transverse head; transverse hermaphroditism; transverse horizontal axis; transverse humeral ligament; transverse lie; transverse ligament of acetabulum; transverse ligament of elbow; transverse ligament of knee; transverse ligament of leg; transverse ligament of pelvis; transverse ligament of perineum; transverse ligament of the atlas; transverse lines of sacrum; transverse metacarpal ligament; transverse metatarsal ligament; transverse muscle of abdomen; transverse muscle of auricle; transverse muscle of chin; transverse muscle of nape; transverse muscle of thorax; transverse muscle of tongue; transverse myelitis; transverse nasal groove; transverse nerve of neck; transverse occipital sulcus; transverse oval pelvis; transverse palatine fold; transverse palatine ridge; transverse palatine suture; transverse pancreatic artery; transverse part of left branch of portal vein; transverse part of nasalis muscle; transverse perineal ligament; transverse plane; transverse pontine fibres; transverse presentation; transverse process; transverse rectal folds; transverse relaxation; transverse rhombencephalic flexure; transverse ridge; transverse scapular artery; transverse section; transverse septum; transverse sinus; transverse sinus of pericardium; transverse tarsal articulation; transverse tarsal joint; transverse temporal convolutions; transverse temporal gyri; transverse temporal sulci; transverse tibiofibular ligament; transverse tubule; transverse vein of face; transverse vein of scapula; transverse veins of neck; transverse velum; transverse vesical fold; transverse wave; transversion; transversion mutation; transversions; transversocostal; transversospinalis muscle; transversospinal muscle; transversourethralis; transversovertical index; transversus; transversus abdominis; transversus menti muscle; transversus nuchae muscle; transversus thoracis; transvestism; transvestite; transvestitism; Trantas, Alexios; Trantas' dots; tranylcypromine; tranylcypromine sulfate; trap; trapdoor; trapes; trapeze; trapezial; trapeziform; trapeziometacarpal; trapezium; trapezium bone; trapezius; trapezohedron; trapezoid; trapezoidal; trapezoid body; trapezoid bone; trapezoid ligament; trapezoid line; trapezoid ridge; trapidil; Trapp; trappean; trapped-particle instability; trapper; Trapp-Haser formula; trappist; trappous; Trapp's formula; trappy; trash; trass; Traube; Traube-Hering curves; Traube-Hering waves; Traube's bruit; Traube's corpuscle; Traube's double tone; Traube's dyspnea; Traube's plugs; Traube's semilunar space; Traube's sign; Traugott; traum-; trauma; trauma centres; trauma severity indices; traumasthenia; traumata; traumatic; traumatic amenorrhoea; traumatic amnesia; traumatic amputation; traumatic anaemia; traumatic anaesthesia; traumatic aneurysm; traumatic asphyxia; traumatic bone cyst; traumatic cataract; traumatic dermatitis; traumatic encephalopathy; traumatic fever; traumatic gastritis; traumatic herpes; traumatic meningocele; traumatic neurasthenia; traumatic neuritis; traumatic neurosis; traumatic occlusion; traumatic orchitis; traumatic pneumonia; traumatic progressive encephalopathy; traumatic psychosis; traumatic reticuloperitonitis; traumatic retinopathy; traumatic tetanus; traumatise; traumatism; traumato-; traumatogenic occlusion; traumatology; traumatonesis; traumatopathy; traumatopnea; traumatopyra; traumatosepsis; traumatotherapy; Trautmann; Trautmann's triangular space; travail; Travase; trave; travel; traveler; traveler's diarrhoea; traveling grate; travers; traverse; travertine; travesty;

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