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trifocal; trifocal lens; trifoliate; trifoliated; trifoliolate; trifoliosis; trifolium; trifoly; trifurcation; trig; trigamous; trigastric; trigeminal; trigeminal caudal nucleus; trigeminal cave; trigeminal cavity; trigeminal crest; trigeminal decompression; trigeminal ganglion; trigeminal impression; trigeminal lemniscus; trigeminal nerve; trigeminal neuralgia; trigeminal nuclei; trigeminal nucleus, spinal; trigeminal pulse; trigeminal rhizotomy; trigeminal rhythm; trigeminal system; trigeminal tractotomy; trigeminofacial reflex; trigeminothalamic tract; trigeminus; trigeminy; trigenic; trigenolline; trigesimo-secundo; trigger; trigger area; triggered activity; trigger finger; trigger point; trigger protein; trigger zone; trigintal; triglucosylalkylacylglycerol sulfotransferase; triglyceride; trigon; trigona; trigona fibrosa cordis; trigonal; trigone; trigonelline; trigone of auditory nerve; trigone of bladder; trigone of fillet; trigone of habenula; trigone of hypoglossal nerve; trigone of lateral ventricle; trigone of vagus nerve; trigonia; trigonid; trigonitis; trigonocephalic; trigonocephaly; trigonocerous; trigonometry; trigonous; trigonum; trigonum acustici; trigonum caroticum; trigonum cerebrale; trigonum cervicale; trigonum cervicale anterius; trigonum cervicale posterius; trigonum collaterale; trigonum colli; trigonum deltoideopectorale; trigonum femorale; trigonum fibrosum dextrum; trigonum fibrosum sinistrum; trigonum habenulae; trigonum hypoglossi; trigonum inguinale; trigonum lemnisci; trigonum lumbale; trigonum lumbocostale; trigonum musculare; trigonum nervi hypoglossi; trigonum nervi vagi; trigonum olfactorium; trigonum omoclaviculare; trigonum omotracheale; trigonum palati; trigonum sternocostale; trigonum submandibulare; trigonum submentale; trigonum ventriculi; trigonum vesicae; trigram; trigramin; trigraph; trigyn; trigynia; trigynous; trihedral; trihedron; trihexosylceramide; trihexosylceramides; trihexyphenidyl; trihexyphenidyl hydrochloride; trihybrid; trihydric; trihydric alcohol; trihydroxycholestanoyl-CoA oxidase; trihydroxycoprostanoyl-CoA oxidase; trihydroxycoprostanoyl coenzyme A synthetase; trihydroxyestrin; triiniodymus; triiodide; triiodomethane; triiodothyronine; triiodothyronine, reverse; triiodothyronine toxicosis; triiodothyronine uptake test; trijugate; trijugous; triketohydrindene hydrate; triketohydrindene reaction; triketopurine; trikosane; trilabe; trilaminar; trilaminar blastoderm; trilateral; trilinear; trillachan; trilling; trillium; trilobate; trilobita; trilobite; trilocular; trilogy; trilogy of fallot; trilostane; trim; trimalleolar fracture; trimastigote; trimebutine; trimecaine; trimedoxime; trimellic; trimeprazine; trimeprazine tartrate; trimer; trimera; trimeran; trimeresurus; trimerous; trimesitic; trimester; trimetaphan camsylate; trimetazidine; trimeter; trimethadione; trimethaphan; trimethaphan camsylate; trimethidium methosulfate; trimethobenzamide hydrochloride; trimethoprim; trimethoprim resistance; trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole; trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole combination; trimethylamine; trimethylamine-coenzyme M methyltransferase; trimethylaminuria; trimethylcarbinol; trimethylene; trimethylethylene; trimethylglycine; trimethylglycocoll anhydride; trimethylomelamine; trimethylsilyl compounds; trimethyltin compounds; trimetozine; trimetrexate; trimetric; trimipramine; trimorph; trimorphic; trimorphism; trimorphous; trimurti; trimyarian; trine; trinervate; trinerved; tringa; tringoid; trinidad and tobago; trinitrobenzenes; trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid; trinitrocellulose; trinitroglycerin; trinitrophenol; trinitrophenyl-polylysine-horseradish peroxidase; trinitrotoluene; trinitrotoluol; trinity; trink; trinodal; trinomen; trinomial; trinominal; trinucleotide; trinucleotide repeat; trinucleotide repeats; trinucleus; trioctile; triodobenzoic acid; triokinase; triol; triolein; trionychoidea; trionyx; triophthalmos; triorchism; triorthocresyl phosphate; triose; triosekinase; triosephosphate isomerase; triotus; trioxide; trioxsalen; trioxymethylene; trip; tripalmitate; tripalmitin; tripang; triparanol; triparted; tripartient; tripartite; tripartition;

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