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veteran; veterans; Veterans Administration hospital; veterans disability claims; veterinarian; veterinarians; Veterinarian's Oath; veterinary; veterinary drugs; veterinary medicine; vetispiradiene synthase; vetiver; vex; vexar tube; vexillary; vexillum; V-exotropia; Vg convertase; V gene; VH and VL genes/domains; VHDL; VHL; via; viability; viability test; viable; viable cell count; viable count; viaduct; vial; viand; Vi antibody; Vi antigen; viaticum; vibesate; vibices; vibraculum; vibrate; vibratility; vibrating line; vibration; vibration syndrome; vibration tolerance; vibrative; vibrator; vibratory; vibratory massage; vibratory sensibility; vibratory urticaria; vibrio; Vibrio alginolyticus; Vibrio alginolyticus alkaline protease; Vibrio cholerae; Vibrio fluvialis; Vibrio foetus; Vibrio furnissii; Vibrio hollisae; vibrio infections; Vibrio metschnikovii; Vibrio mimicus; vibrionaceae; vibrionic abortion; vibrion septique; vibrio parahaemolyticus; vibriosis; Vibrio sputorum; Vibrio vulnificus; Vibrio vulnificus protease; vibrissa; vibrissae; vibrissal; vibrocardiogram; vibromasseur; vibroscope; vibrotherapeutics; viburnum; Viburnum prunifolium; vicarious; vicarious hypertrophy; Vicat, L; Vicat needle; vice; viceroy; vichy water; vicilin; vicinal; vicine; vicious cicatrix; vicious circle; vicious union; vicissy duck; Vicq d'Azyr, Felix; Vicq d'Azyr's bundle; Vicq d'Azyr's centrum semiovale; Vicq d'Azyr's foramen; victoria; Victoria blue; Victoria orange; victorine; Victor-Michaelis-Menten equation; victress; victual; victualer; victualing; victuals; victus; vicugna; vida finch; Vidal, Jean Baptiste Emile; Vidal's disease; vidarabine; vidarabine phosphate; video-assisted thoracic surgery; videodisc recording; video games; videokeratoscope; video microscopy; video recording; videotape recording; video waveform; vidian; vidian artery; vidian canal; vidian nerve; vidian vein; Vidius, Guidi; vienna paste; Vierra, J; Vierra's sign; Vieussens' annulus; Vieussens' ansa; Vieussens' centrum; Vieussens' foramina; Vieussens' ganglia; Vieussens' isthmus; Vieussens' limbus; Vieussens' loop; Vieussens, Raymond de; Vieussens' ring; Vieussens' valve; Vieussens' veins; Vieussens' ventricle; view; viewless; viewy; vigabatrin; vigesimo-quarto; vigil; vigilambulism; vigilance; vignette; vignetting; vigor; vigorous; vilayet; vilborthite; vile; vill; villain; villi; villi intestinales; villin; villi pericardiaci; villi peritoneales; villi pleurales; villi synoviales; villitis; villoma; villonodular pigmented tenosynovitis; villose; villositis; villosity; villous; villous adenoma; villous atrophy; villous carcinoma; villous papilloma; villous placenta; villous tenosynovitis; villous tumour; villus; villusectomy; viloxazine; vimen; vimentin; vimentin kinase; vimineous; vinaigrette; vinasse; vinatico; vinblastine; vinblastine sulfate; vinca alkaloid; vinca alkaloids; vincaleucoblastine; vincamine; Vinca rosea; Vincent, Henri; vincentian; Vincent's angina; Vincent's bacillus; Vincent's disease; Vincent's infection; Vincent's spirillum; Vincent's stomatitis; Vincent's tonsillitis; Vincent's white mycetoma; vincetoxin; vincible; vincristine; vincristine sulfate; vincula lingulae cerebelli; vincula of tendons; vincula tendinum; vinculin; vinculum; vinculum breve; vinculum linguae; vinculum longum; vinculum preputii; vindesine; vindicate; vine; Vineberg, Arthur; Vineberg procedure; vinegar; vineyard; vinic; vinous; vinous liquor; vinquish; Vinson, Porter; vinyl; vinylbenzene; vinyl carbinol; vinyl chloride; vinylene; vinyl ether; vinylidene; viola; violaceous; violaniline; violantin; violaquercitrin; violaxanthin de-epoxidase; violence; violent; violet; violet-tip; violine; violinist's cramp; viologens; violuric; viomycin; viomycin kinase; viosterol; VIP;

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