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wavey; wavy; wawaskeesh; wax; wax acid; wax alcohol; waxberry; waxbill; waxbird; wax bite; waxen; waxes; wax expansion; wax form; waxing; wax model denture; wax pattern; wax-tipped bougie; waxwing; waxwork; waxy; waxy cast; waxy degeneration; waxy fingers; waxy kidney; waxy liver; way; waybread; waybung; wayfaring; way shaft; Way, Stanley; Wb; WBC; w chromosome; WDHA syndrome; WDLL; weak; weakfish; weak-hearted; weakly; weak-minded; weal and flare; weald; wealden; wean; weaning; weanling; weapon; wear; wear-and-tear pigment; weary; weasel; weaser; weather; weathered; weatherglass; weathering; weaver; weaverfish; weaver's cough; weaving; weaving syndrome; web; webbed; webbed fingers; webbed neck; webbed penis; webbed toes; webbing; weber; Weber-Christian disease; Weber-Cockayne syndrome; Weber, Ernst; Weber-Fechner law; Weber, Frederick Parkes; Weber, Moritz; Weber's experiment; Weber's glands; Weber, Sir Hermann; Weber's law; Weber's organ; Weber's point; Weber's sign; Weber's syndrome; Weber's test for hearing; Weber's triangle; Weber, Wilhelm; webeye; web eye; webfoot; webform; web of fingers/toes; webster; websterite; Webster, John; Webster, John C; Webster's operation; Webster's test; Wechsler-Bellevue scale; Wechsler, David; Wechsler intelligence scales; wechsler scales; weddahs; weddellite; weddellite calculus; wedding; wedeloside; Wedensky effect; Wedensky facilitation; Wedensky inhibition; Wedensky, Nikolai; wedge; wedge-and-groove joint; wedge-and-groove suture; wedgebill; wedge biopsy; wedge bone; wedge pressure; wedge resection; wedge-shaped; wedge-shaped fasciculus; wedge-shaped tubercle; wedge-shell; wedge spirometer; wedge-tailed; wedgwood ware; wedlock; wednesday; WEE; weech-elm; weed; weed control; weeding; weekend hospital; weekly; Weeks' bacillus; Weeks, John; weely; weep; weeper; weeping; weeping eczema; weesel; weet-bird; weet-weet; weever; weevil; WEE virus; weezel; Wegener, Friedrich; wegener granulomatosis; Wegener's granulomatosis; Wegner, Friedrich; Wegner's disease; Wegner's line; Weibel, Ewald; Weibel-Palade bodies; Weibel Palade body; Weichselbaum, Anthony; Weichselbaum's coccus; Weidel, Hugo; Weidel's reaction; weigelia; Weigert, Carl; Weigert-Gram stain; weigert-meyer rule; Weigert's iodine solution; Weigert's iron haematoxylin stain; Weigert's law; Weigert's stain; weigh; weighboard; weight; weight-bearing; weight gain; weightlessness; weightlessness countermeasures; weightlessness simulation; weight lifting; weight loss; weight perception; weights and measures; weight sense; Weil, Adolf; Weil disease; Weil, Edmund; Weil-Felix reaction; Weil-Felix test; Weill, Georges; Weill, Jean; Weill-Marchesani syndrome; Weil, Ludwig; Weil's basal layer; Weil's basal zone; weil's disease; Weinberg, Michel; Weinberg's reaction; Weinberg, Wilhelm; Weingrow's reflex; weird; Weir Mitchell's disease; Weir Mitchell treatment; Weir, Robert; Weir's operation; Weisbach, Albin; Weisbach's angle; Weismann, August Friedrich Leopold; Weismann germ plasm theory; weismannism; Weiss, Nathan; Weiss' sign; Weiss, Soma; Weitbrecht, Josias; Weitbrecht's cartilage; Weitbrecht's cord; Weitbrecht's fibres; Weitbrecht's foramen; Weitbrecht's ligament; weka; wekau; wekeen; Welander, Lisa; Welch's bacillus; Welch, William; Welcker, Hermann; Welcker's angle; welcome; weld; welder's conjunctivitis; welder's lung; weldon's process; welk; well; wellat; well counter; well-differentiated lymphocytic lymphoma; wellingtenia; well-liking; Wells, G; Wells, Michael Vernon; Wells' syndrome; wels; welshman; welt; welter; welwitschia; wem; wen; wench; Wenckebach block; Wenckebach, Karel; Wenckebach period; Wenckebach phenomenon; wends; wenlock group; wenona; went; Wenzel, Joseph; Wenzel's ventricle; Wepfer, Johann; Wepfer's glands; Werdnig, Guido; werdnig-hoffmann disease; Werdnig-Hoffmann muscular atrophy; Werlhof, Paul; Werlhof's disease; Wermer's syndrome; Wernekinck, Friedrich; Wernekinck's commissure; Wernekinck's decussation; Werner, F; werner-his disease; wernerite; Werner, Otto; Werner's syndrome; Werner's test; werner syndrome; Wernicke, Karl; Wernicke-Korsakoff encephalopathy; Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome; Wernicke's aphasia; Wernicke's area; Wernicke's centre; Wernicke's disease; Wernicke's encephalopathy; Wernicke's field; Wernicke's radiation; Wernicke's reaction; Wernicke's region; Wernicke's sign; Wernicke's syndrome; Wernicke's zone;

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