Sample Medical Reports

Sample Reports

Medword's sample reports are actual cases dictated by physicians. The reports, of course, are edited to ensure patient confidentiality. The style of reports will differ by physician and sometimes do not conform to strict medical transcription styles or rules. Both British and American medical word spelling may be found, and this would be according to the request of the physician, although strict style rules would demand one or the other, not both in the same report. The reports are presented without the date, referring doctor's address, or consulting doctor's signature line. Every effort has been made to ensure correct spelling, but please do not hesitate to notify us regarding any spelling you believe to be incorrect. Any copies of reports, outlines, word lists, and other text must be for personal use only. All images and text on the Medword site are copyright protected by their respective owners.

For more on style, may we recommend:
The AAMT Book of Style for Medical Transcription

You may view a list of medical books at:
Medword Medical Book List Main Page

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