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Social Services Acronyms & Abbreviations

These are acronyms & abbreviations used by some social service agencies in the United States and Canada.

ACSES Automated Child Support Enforcement System
AFDC/ADC Aid to Families with Dependent Children (predecessor to TANF)
ALJ Administrative Law Judge
APS Adult Protective Services
ATP Authorization to Participate (Food Stamps)
ASH Manual - Assistance Standards Handbook (N.J. Public Assistance Regulations)
BCBSSBurlington County Board of Social Services
CASChildren's Aid Society
CCPED Community Care Program (Medicaid Program for the Elderly & Disabled)
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment (SSA)
CSP Child Support and Paternity
CWA County Welfare Agency
DDD Division of Developmental Disabilities
DEA Division of Economic Assistance (Renamed-DFD 7-92)
DES Division of Employment Security
DFD Division of Family Development (Previously DEA)
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services (Federal)
DHS Department of Human Services (State)
DHSSDepartment of Health and Senior Services (State)
DMAHS Div. of Medical Assistance & Health Services. (Medicaid)
DOL Dept. of Labor
DOP Dept. of Personnel (Civil Service)
DRS Disability Review Section (Medical Review Team)
DVRS Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
DYFS Division of Youth and Family Services
EA Emergency Assistance (TANF/SSI)
EITC/EIC Earned Income Tax Credit
EPSDT Early Periodic Screening & Diagnostic Treatment
ES Employment Service
E & T Employment and Training (Food Stamp Work Program)
FAMIS Family Assistance Management Information System (Computer System)
FDP Family Development Program (NJ Training \ Employment Program)
FCS Food and Consumer Service (Responsible for USDA-Food Stamp regulations)
FNS Food and Nutrition Service (UDSA agency-Renamed FCS)
FSM Manual - Food Stamp Manual (N.J. Regulations)
FSP Food Stamp Program
GA General Assistance (Public Assistance for individuals or couples without dependents. Administered either by Municipality or BCBSS.)
HEA/HEAP Home Energy Assistance Program
HRDI Human Resources Development Institute (State Training)
HUA Heating Utility Allowance (Food Stamp Program)
IEVS Income Eligibility Verification System
IMT Income Maintenance Technician
IMW Income Maintenance Worker
JOBS Job Opportunity and Basic Skills (Federal Employment / Training Program)
JTPA Job Training Partnership Act
LMAU Local Medicaid Assistance Unit (NDO)
LOOPS Unemployment Compensation Information System (Computer System)
LRR Legally Responsible Relative
LTC Long Term Care Facility (Nursing Home)
MAA Medical Assistance for the Aged (Discontinued Program)
MCA Maximum Coupon Allotment (Food Stamps)
MDO Medicaid District Office (LMAU)
MOM Manual - Medicaid Only Manual (N.J. Regulations)
MOS Medical Outstationing (Medicaid Outreach in Hospitals)
NJAC New Jersey Administrative Code (State Regulations )
NJES New Jersey Employment Service
NPA Non-Public Assistance (Food Stamps)
OAL Office of Administrative Law (State)
OMEGA FDP Computer System
OTIS Office Of Telecommunication & Information System (State)
PA Public Assistance
PAM Manual - Public Assistance Manual (N.J. Regulations)
PEPW Presumptively Eligible Pregnant Woman
PNA/PIE Personal Needs Allowance / Personal Incidental Expenses
RA Rental Assistance (BCBSS Subsidy - Not Section 8)
REACH Realizing Economic Achievement (Replaced 11-95 by FDP)
RHCF Residential Health Care Facility (Boarding Rome)
RSDI Retirement Survivors Disability Insurance (Social Security)
SADU Systems Analysis and Development Unit (State Computer Unit)
SAVE Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements
SDX/SDXI State Data Exchange Index (List of State SSI recipients)
SMI Supplemental Medical Insurance (Part B of Medicare)
SSA Social Security Benefits (Aged / Blind / Disabled / Survivors)
SSI Supplemental Security Income (Assistance Program thru SBA office for Aged / Blind / Disabled persons who are indigent)
TANFTemporary Assistance for Needy Families
TDI Temporary Disability insurance (State)
TPL Third Party Liability (Health Insurance)
TRA Temporary Rental Assistance (Subsidy Payment)
UIB Unemployment Insurance Benefits
USDA United States Dept. of Agriculture (Food Stamps)
VA Veterans Administration
VIMS Verification of Income and Monitoring system (IEVS Form)
WFNJWork First New Jersey
WR Work Registrant (Food Stamps)


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