Medword's Medical Word Spelling & Medical Transcription Tests

Welcome to Medword's medical word spelling and medical transcription tests.

To those who are not professionals, becoming proficient in the art and science of medical transcription can be reduced to your aptitude of three essential elements:

  1. ability to type,
  2. ability to spell, and
  3. practical experience.

These little tests in no way should drive your decision to pursue this field, but it will indeed give you a taste of what you can expect. You must have audio capability. As you can see above, there are four test levels, the first three being Listen & Spell, with 14 single words on each level, 1 being the easiest and 3 being the most difficult. Level 4 is an actual doctor dictation with normal playback speed, and is not the simplest undertaking. For Level 4 you must have A Media Player.

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