Anonymous MT Survey Of:
Internet Buying Practices

Survey Of:
Internet Buying Practices

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Internet Buying Practices Survey

Select one primary reason why you shop on the Internet
Can shop anytime
Product selection
Special Internet deals
No Answer

Do you check to see if an order page is "secure" before buying?
No Answer

Have you ever made a purchase from an order page that was not secure?
No Answer

When shopping on the Internet do you expect the same service
from companies that you get when buying from a "brick & mortar" store location?

No Answer

Which do you prefer: buying over the Internet or shopping in person?
Prefer buying over the Internet
Prefer shopping in person
No Answer

If you have never shopped online - Why not?
Don't like sending credit card info
Never seen anything I want to buy
Too complicated
No credit card
Products on the Internet too expensive
Don't know enough about the seller
No Answer


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