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Equipment MTs Use To Perform Transcription

Your Sex:
Male Female No Answer

Your Age:
Under 18 18-35 36+ No Answer

Do you use a computer when transcribing and if so, how old is it?
Yes - 1 year old Yes - 2 years old Yes - 3 years old
Yes - 4 years old Yes - 5 years old or older
Use an electronic word-processor typewriter
Use an electric typewriter
No Answer

What type of word-processing software do you use most?
WordPerfect MS Word WordStar
Custom program Other No Answer

What type of transcriber machine do you use most?
Philips Philips telephone system
Sony Sony telephone system
Sanyo Sanyo telephone system
Lanier telephone system Other telephone system
Computer, accessing downloaded voice files
Standard cassette player
No Answer

What is the main media of the dictation you transcribe?
Microcassette tapes Min-cassette tapes
Standard cassette tapes
Digital voice files via the telephone
Voice files on computer from Internet download
WAVpedal for digital files
No Answer

What type of keyboard do you use regularly?
Standard IBM keyboard with "qwerty" layout
Dvorak keyboard layout
Natural keyboard (with any type of layout)
Split keyboard (with any type of layout)
No Answer


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