Transcription Tips & Tricks:
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Transcription Tips & Tricks:
Page 3

Maximizing Keyboarding

One of the ways to ensure you are getting as much work done as possible is to make use of abbreviations. If you are serious about making medical transcription from home a small-business, you really have to learn to use abbreviations to speed up your work. Some word-processors have spelling features that allow you to use auto-correction when transcribing at your computer. You can use this feature to expand words "on the fly." For instance, instead of having to always type "examination," you can instruct the speller to expand an abbreviation like "exn" to the word "examination." You can also purchase software specifically designed to abbreviate and expand words and phrases.

Get Rid of Rodents

Most professionals who use word-processing software avoid using their desktop mouse like the plague. Taking your fingers from the keyboard slows you down, so if you want to really churn out the work you must learn keyboard shortcuts for as many actions as possible. Most word-processors give a keyboard equivalent for an action you point to with your mouse, especially on main menu items.

Using shortcut keys in Windows

Learning the shortcut keystrokes for Windows (see table below) will help you perform general program actions faster. Many of the Windows commands are common to most windows programs. If you are currently using word-processor specific commands that correspond to the commands below, you may want to consider changing your word-processor preferences to match these common shortcut keys.

To Press
Activate the menu bar in programsF10
Carry out the corresponding command on the menuALT+underlined letter in menu
Close current windowCTRL+F4
Close current window or quit ALT+F4
Help on selected dialog box item F1
Current window's system menu ALT+Spacebar
Shortcut menu for selected item SHIFT+F10
Display the Start menu CTRL+ESC
System menu for MDI programs ALT+HYPHEN
Paste CTRL+V
Switch to the window you last used
Switch to other window by holding down ALT while repeatedly pressing TAB

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