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USP Drugs:
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To add these medical pharmaceutical spellings to your spell checker:

First, a word about the spelling of generic, non-prescription, prescription, and OTC (over-the-counter) pharmaceuticals. As a general rule, the chemical name of a drug, usually called the "generic name," is not capitalized, while the proper or trade name is. There are some exceptions however, such as when drug companies take a generic drug name and preface it with certain letters. A good example of this spelling protocol is "Apo-Furosemide," which is the brand, trade, or proper name of the generic drug "furosemide" made by Apotex Inc. Because the generic name becomes part of a proper name, it should be capitalized. Secondly, when adding prescription and nonprescription drug and product names to your speller program, be careful what you add. Nowadays many companies spell the actual drug or product just a little bit different than the actual generic name. If you add a slightly altered drug word, such as "Oxybutyn" (the brand, trade, or proper name) for "oxybutynin" (the generic name), your speller will accept the proper name when you may have actually intended to type the generic version. You will also come across similar decisions when adding products whose proper names may have manufactured words such as "Sunfilter" in "Bain de Soleil All Day Sunfilter."

With your word-processing program or a text editor open, use your mouse to select all the words below in one group. Then, while the words are still selected, copy the words by keying <CTRL>+<C>. This copies the selected text to your computer's "clipboard." Go to a new page in your word-processing program or text editor and key <CTRL><V>. This "pastes" the words onto the page from your computer's "clipboard." Now run your spell-checking feature as you normally would and just add any words your spell checker program does not recognize, keeping in mind the cautions outlined above. The drug and product words and word-groups listed below are separated by a comma.


D-S-S, D-S-S Plus, D-Val, D-Vert, D-Vert 30, D HC plus, D IIodohydroxyquin, D IIodohydroxyquinoline, D.A. Chewable, D.H.E., D.O.S. Softgels, D.S.MC Plus, d4T, dacliximab, Daclizumab, Dacodyl, Dagenan, Dalacin, Dalacin C, Dalacin C Flavored Granules, Dalacin C Palmitate, Dalacin C Phosphate, Dalacin T Topical Solution, Dalalone, Dalalone D.P., Dalalone L.A., Dalcaine, dalfopristin, Dalgan, Dallergy, Dallergy Caplets, Dallergy Jr., Dalmane, dalteparin, Damason-P, Dan-Gard, danaparoid, Danex, Danocrine, Danthron, Dantrium, Dantrium intravenous, dantrolene, Dapa, Dapa X-S, Dapacin Cold, Dapiprazole ophthalmic, Daranide, Daraprim, Dartal, Darvocet-N 100, Darvocet-N 50, Darvon, Darvon-N, Darvon-N Compound, Darvon-N with A.S.A., Darvon Compound-65, Datril Extra-Strength, DaunoXome, Dayhist-D, Daypro, Dayquil allergy, Dayquil Sinus Pressure, Dayto-Himbin, Dayto Himbin, Dazamide, DC Softgels, DD.S., DDAVP, DDAVP Injection, DDAVP Nasal Spray, DDAVP Rhinal Tube, DDAVP Rhinyle Nasal Solution, DDAVP Spray, DDAVP Tablets, ddC, ddI, De-Comberol, De-Sone L.A., De-Tuss, De-Tuss 122, Debetrol, Deca-Durabolin, Decaderm, Decadrol, Decadron, Decadron-L.A., Decadron 5-12 Pak, Decadron Elixir, Decadron ocumeter, Decadron phosphate, Decadron Respihaler, Decadron Turbinaire, Decaject, Decaject L.A., Decaspray, Decholin, Declomycin, Deco-D, Deco-P, Decofed, Decofed liquid, Decohistine DH, Deconamine, Deconamine CX, Deconamine SR, Decongest II, Decongest Nasal Spray, Decongestabs, Decongestant, Decongex-3, Deconhist, Deconomed SR, Deconsal II, Deconsal L.A., Deconsal Pediatric, Decylenes Powder, Deep Woods OFF!, Deep Woods OFF! For Sportsmen, Deet, Defen-L.A., deferiprone, Deficol, Degen II, Degest 2, Dehydrocholic Acid, Del-Aqua-10 Gel, Del-Aqua-5 Gel, Delacort, Deladumone, Delatest, Delatestadiol, Delatestryl, delavirdine, Delcort, Delestrogen, Delfen, Delhist D, Delhistine D, Delhistine DM, Deliver 2.0, Delonide, Delsym, Delsym Cough Formula, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Delta-Cortef, Delta-Tritex, Delta D3, Deltasone, Demadex, Demadex I.V., Demazin, Demazin Repetabs, demecarium, demecarium bromide ophthalmic, demeclocycline, Demerol, Demerol HCl, Demi-Regroton, Demibid II, Demser, Demulen 1/35, Demulen 1/35-21, Demulen 1/35-28, Demulen 1/50, Demulen 1/50-21, Demulen 1/50-28, Demulen 30, Demulen 50, Denavir, Denorex, Denorex Advanced Formula, Denorex Extra Strength Medicated Shampoo, Denorex Extra Strength Medicated Shampoo with Conditioners, Denorex Medicated Shampoo, Denorex Medicated Shampoo and Conditioner, Denorex Mountain Fresh Herbal Scent Medicated Shampoo, Dent-Zel-Ite, Dentapaine, Dentocaine, Dep Gynogen, Dep Medalone, Depacon, Depakene, Depakote, Depakote ER, Depakote Sprinkle, Depandro 100, DepAndrogyn, Depen, DepGynogen, DepMedalone, DepMedalone 40, DepMedalone 80, Depo-Estradiol, Depo-Medrol, Depo-Predate, Depo-Predate 40, Depo-Predate 80, Depo-Provera, Depo-Provera Contraceptive, Depo-Provera Contraceptive Injection, Depo-ProveraContraceptive, Depo-Testadiol, Depo-Testosterone, Depo-Testosterone Cypionate, DepoCyt, Depogen, Depoject-40, Depoject-80, Deponit, Depopred, Depopred-40, Depopred-80, Depotest, Depotestogen, deprenil, Deprenyl, Deproic, Deproist Expectorant, Deproist Expectorant w/ codeine, Derbac-M, Derm Tar Emollient, Derma-Smoothe, Derma-Smoothe/FS, Dermabet, Dermacin, Dermacne, Dermacomb, Dermacort, DermaFlex, Dermamycin, Dermarest DriCort, Dermarest Plus Anti-Itch, Dermatop, DermaZinc Baby, DermaZinc Cream, DermaZinc Scalp, DermaZinc Shampoo, DermaZinc Soap, DermaZinc Spray, DermiCort, Dermol HC, Dermolate, Dermoplast, Dermovate, Dermovate Scalp Lotion, Dermoxyl 10 Gel, Dermoxyl 2.5 Gel, Dermoxyl 20 Gel, Dermoxyl 5 Gel, Dermoxyl Aqua 5 Gel, Dermsol, Dermtex HC, Deronil, DES, Desal II, Desenex, Desenex Aerosol Powder, Desenex AF Prescription Strength, Desenex Antifungal Cream, Desenex Antifungal Liquid, Desenex Antifungal Ointment, Desenex Antifungal Penetrating Foam, Desenex Antifungal Powder, Desenex Antifungal Spray Powder, Desenex Foam, Desenex Foot, Desenex Jock Itch, Desenex Ointment, Desenex Powder, Desenex prescription Strength, Desenex Solution, Desenex spray, Deserpidine, Desferal, Desferrioxamine, Desihist SA, desipramine, desmopressin, Desogen, Desogestrel, desogestrel-ethinyl estradiol, Desonide, desonide topical, Desowen, Desoximetasone, desoximetasone topical, Desoxyn, Desoxyn gradumet, Despec, Despec-SF, Despec-SR Caplets, Despec CR, Despec SF, Despec SR, Despec SR Caplets, Desquam-E, Desquam-E 10 Gel, Desquam-E 2.5 Gel, Desquam-E 5 Gel, Desquam-X 10, Desquam-X 10 Bar, Desquam-X 10 Gel, Desquam-X 10 Wash, Desquam-X 2.5 Gel, Desquam-X 5, Desquam-X 5 Bar, Desquam-X 5 Gel, Desquam-X 5 Wash, Desquam-X Wash, Desyrel, Desyrel dividose, Detensol, Dethyrona, Detrol, Detussin Expectorant, Detussin Liquid, Detussin Liquid 122, Dexacen-4, Dexacen LA-8, Dexacidin, Dexacine, Dexacort-LA, Dexacort phosphate in Respihaler, Dexacort phosphate in Turbinaire, Dexacort Turbinaire, Dexacorten, Dexacorten-LA, Dexafed Cough, Dexair, dexamethasone, dexamethasone-neomycin ophthalmic, dexamethasone-tobramycin ophthalmic, dexamethasone, neomycin, polymyxin B ophthalmic, dexamethasone intensol, dexamethasone nasal, dexamethasone ophthalmic, Dexaphen SA, Dexasol, Dexasone, Dexasone L.A., Dexasporin, Dexatrim, Dexatrim Caffeine-Free Extended Duration, Dexatrim Caffeine-Free Maximum Strength Caplets, Dexatrim caffeine Free, Dexatrim Maximum Strength Caplets, Dexatrim Maximum Strength Capsules, Dexatrim Maximum Strength Tablets, dexbrompheniramine, dexbrompheniramine-pseudoephedrine, Dexchlor, dexchlorpheniramine, Dexedrine, Dexedrine Spansule, DexFerrum, DexIron, Dexitac, Dexitac Stay Alert Stimulant, Dexone, Dexone 0.5, Dexone 0.75, Dexone 1.5, Dexone 4, Dexone L.A., Dexophed, Dexophed SR, Dexotic, dexpanthenol-choline, dextroamphetamine, dextroamphetamine-amphetamine, dextromethorphan, dextromethorphan-acetaminophen, dextromethorphan-chlorpheniramine, dextromethorphan-guaifenesin, dextromethorphan-promethazine, dextromethorphan Cough & Cold, dextromethorphan HBr Adult Formula, Dextrostat, dextrothyroxine, dextrothyroxine sodium, Dey-Lute Isoetharine, Dey-Lute Metaproterenol, DFP, DHCplus, DHPG, DHS Tar Gel Shampoo, DHS Tar Shampoo, DHS Zinc, DHS Zinc Dandruff Shampoo, DHT, DHT Intensol, Di-Gel, Di-Phen, Di-Sosul, Di-Sosul Forte, Diabe-TUSS DM Syrup, DiaBeta, Diabetic Tussin DM, Diabetic Tussin EX, DiabetiSource, Diabinese, Dialose, Dialose Plus, Dialume, Diamicron, Diamode, Diamox, Diamox Sequels, Diane-35, Diaper Rash Ointment, Diapid, Diaqua, Diaqua-2, Diar-Aid, Diarr-Eze, Diarrest, Diasorb, Diastat, Diastat pediatric, Diastix, Diatrol, Diazemuls, diazepam, Diazepam Intensol, diazoxide oral, Dibent, Dibenzyline, Dibrom, Dibromm, Dibucaine, Dical-D, Dical captabs, Dicalphos plus D, Dicarbosil, dichloralphenazone, dichlorphenamide, diclofenac, diclofenac-misoprostol, diclofenac ophthalmic, diclofenac potassium, diclofenac sodium, diclofenamide, dicloxacillin, dicoumarol, dicyclomine, dicycloverine, didanosine, Didrex, Didronel, Didronel I.V., Dienestrol, Dienoestrol, Diet-Aid Maximum Strength, diethylpropion, Diethylstilbestrol, Difenidol, Differin, diflorasone, diflorasone topical, Diflucan, Diflucan-150, diflucortolone, diflunisal, difluorophate, Digitaline, Digitek, Digitoxin, DigiWipe, digoxin, Dihistine DH, Dihistine Expectorant, dihydrocodeine, dihydrocodeine compound, dihydroergotamine, Dihydroergotamine-Sandoz, Dihydrogenated Ergot Alkaloids, Dihydrotachysterol, diiodohydroxyquin, diiodohydroxyquinoline, Dilacor-XR, Dilantin, Dilantin-125, Dilantin-30, Dilantin infatabs, Dilantin Kapseals, Dilatair, Dilatrate-SR, Dilaudid, Dilaudid-5, Dilaudid-HP, Dilaudid Cough, Dilocaine, Dilor, Dilor-400, Dilotab, Diltia XT, diltiazem, diltiazem-enalapril, Dimacol Caplets, Dimaphen, Dimaphen S.A., Dime Time Extended Release, Dimelor, dimenhydrinate, Dimercaptosuccinic Acid, Dimetane, Dimetane-DC Cough, Dimetane-DX Cough, Dimetane decongestant, Dimetane Decongestant Caplets, Dimetane DX, Dimetane Expectorant, Dimetane Expectorant-C, Dimetane Expectorant-DC, Dimetane Extentab, Dimetapp, Dimetapp-A Sinus, Dimetapp-C, Dimetapp-DM, Dimetapp 4-Hour, Dimetapp Allergy, Dimetapp Allergy Liqui-Gels, Dimetapp Allergy Liquigel, Dimetapp Allergy Sinus, Dimetapp Allergy Sinus Caplets, Dimetapp Chewables, Dimetapp Clear, Dimetapp Cold, Dimetapp Cold & Allergy Quick Dissolve, Dimetapp Cold & Cough, Dimetapp Cold & Fever Suspension, Dimetapp Cold and Allergy, Dimetapp Cold and Cough Liquigel, Dimetapp Cold and Fever, Dimetapp Cold and Flu, Dimetapp Decongestant, Dimetapp Decongestant Pediatric Drops, Dimetapp DM, Dimetapp DM Cold & Cough, Dimetapp Extentabs, Dimetapp Infant Drops, Dimetapp Liqui-Fills, Dimetapp Maximum Strength Cold & Cough Liqui-Gels, Dimetapp Oral Infant Drops, Dimetapp Sinus Caplets, dimethyl sulfoxide, Dinate, dinoprost intra-amniotic, dinoprostone, Diocaine, Diocto, Diocto-C, Diocto-K, Diocto-K Plus, Dioctolose Plus, Diodex, Diodoquin, Dioeze, Diopentolate, Diosuccin, Dioval, Dioval XX, Diovan, Diovan HCT, Diovol, Diovol Caplets, Diovol Ex, Diovol Plus, Diovol Plus AF, Dioxybenzone, Dipentum, Diphedryl, Diphen, Diphen AF, Diphen cough, Diphenhist, Diphenhist Captabs, diphenhydramine, diphenhydramine-acetaminophen, diphenhydramine-pseudoephedrine, diphenoxylate-atropine, Diphenyl, Diphenylhydantoin, Diphenylin, Diphenylpyraline, diphtheria antitoxin, dipivefrin ophthalmic, Dipivefrine, Dipridacot, Diprivan, Diprolene, Diprolene AF, Diprosone, dipyridamole, dipyridamole-aspirin, Diquinol, dirithromycin, Disalcid, Disipal, Disobrom, Disophrol, Disophrol Chronotab, Disophrol Chronotabs, disopyramide, Dithranol, Ditropan, Ditropan XL, Diucardin, Diuchlor H, Diulo, Diupres, Diupres-250, Diupres-500, Diurese-R, Diuretic Ap-Es, Diurigen with Reserpine, Diuril, Diuril sodium, Diutensen-R, divalproex, divalproex sodium, Dixaphedrine, Dixarit, Dizac, dl-methionine, DM Cold, DM Cold and Cough, DM Cough, DM Syrup, DMH, DML Facial Moisturizer Cream, DMSA, DMSO, DNASE I, Doak Oil, Doak Oil Forte, Doak Oil Forte Therapeutic Bath Treatment, Doak Oil Therapeutic Bath Treatment For All-Over Body Care, Doak Tar Lotion, Doak Tar Shampoo, Doan's Backache Pills, Doan's Pills, Doan's Regular Strength Tablets, Docosonal 10%, Doctar Hair & Scalp Shampoo, Doctar Hair & Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner, Doctar Shampoo, Docu-K Plus, Docucal-P, Docusate, Dodd's Extra Strength, Dodd's Pills, DOK, DOK Softgels, Doktors, Dolacet, Dolagesic, Dolgesic, Dolgic, Dolmar, Dolobid, Dolomine, Dolophine, Dolorex, Dolotic, Dolsed, Dom-Valproic, Donatussin, Donatussin DC, Donatussin Drops, Dondril, donepezil, Donnagel, Donnagel-MB, Donnagel-PG, Donnamar, Donnamor, Donnaphen, Donnapine, Donnatal, Donnatal extentabs, Donnatal No. 2, Donphen, Dopamet, Dopar, Doral, Dorcol Children's Cold Formula, Dorcol Children's Cough, Dorcol Children's Decongestant Liquid, Dormarex 2, dornase alfa, Doryx, dorzolamide-timolol ophthalmic, dorzolamide ophthalmic, Dosaflex, Doss, Doss 39, Dostinex, Double-Tussin DM, Dovonex, doxazosin, Doxepin, doxercalciferol, Doxi Film, Doxidan, Doxidan Liqui-Gels, Doxil, Doxine, doxorubicin, doxorubicin citrate, Doxy, Doxy-Caps, Doxy-D, Doxycin, doxycycline, doxycycline hyclate, doxycycline monohydrate, doxylamine, Doxytec, DPE, DPH, DPT-HIB, Dr. Caldwell Laxative, Dr. Caldwell Senna Laxative, Dramamine, Dramamine II, Dramanate, Dramoject, Drenison, Drenison-1, Drenison-1/4, Driminate, Driminate II, Drisdol, Drisdol Drops, Dristan, Dristan 12-Hr Nasal Spray, Dristan Cold Caplets, Dristan Cold Maximum Strength, Dristan Cold Maximum Strength Caplets, Dristan Cold Multi-Symptom Formula, Dristan Extra Strength Caplets, Dristan Formula P, Dristan Long Lasting Mentholated Nasal Spray, Dristan Long Lasting Nasal Mist, Dristan Mentholated, Dristan N.D. Caplets, Dristan N.D. Extra Strength Caplets, Dristan Sinus Caplets, Dritho-Scalp, Drithocreme, Drithocreme HP, Drixomed, Drixoral, Drixoral Allergy-Sinus, Drixoral Cold, Drixoral Cold & Flu, Drixoral Cold and Allergy, Drixoral Cough, Drixoral Cough & Congestion Liquid Caps, Drixoral Cough & Sore Throat Liquid Caps, Drixoral Cough Liquid Caps, Drixoral Cough/Sore Throat, Drixoral N.D., Drixoral Nasal Decongestant, Drixoral Nasal Solution, Drixoral Night, Drixoral Non-Drowsy, Drixoral Non-Drowsy Formula, Drixoral Sinus, Drixtab, Drize, drocode, Drocode-Acetaminophen w/ caffeine, dronabinol, Drotic, Droxia, DRYalysate, Dryox 10 Gel, Dryox 20 Gel, Dryox 5 Gel, Dryox Wash 10, Dryox Wash 5, DT (pediatric use) Td (adult use)., DTAPDTIC, DTIC-Dome, DTP, DTP-HBOC, DTP-HIB, DTP-PRP-D, DTWP, Duadacin, Dulcodos, Dulcolax, Duo-Cyp, Duo-Gen L.A., Duo-Medihaler, Duocet, Duofilm, Duogesic, Duogex L.A., Duomine, Duoplant Topical Solution, Duoprin, Duosol, Duotrate, Duphalac, Dura-Dumone 90, Dura-Dumone 90/4, Dura-Estrin, Dura-Gest, Dura-Ron DM, Dura-Tap, Dura-Tap PD, Dura-Vent, Dura-Vent/A, Dura-Vent/DA, Durabolin, Durabolin-50, Duraclon, Duradrin, Duradyne, Duraganidin, Duragen, Duragen-20, Duragesic, Duralex, Duralith, Duralone, Duralone-40, Duralone-80, Duramist Plus, Duramist Plus Up To 12-Hour Nasal Decongestant Spray, Duramorph, Duramorph PF, Duranest, Duranest-MPF, Duraquin, Durasal II, DuraScreen, Duratest, Duratestin, Duratex, Durathate 200, Duration, Duration 12-Hour Nasal Spray, Duratuss, Duratuss DM, Duratuss G, Duratuss GP, Duratuss HD, Duretic, Dureticyl, Duricef, Duvoid, Dyazide, Dycill, Dyclonine, dyflos, Dylix, Dymelor, Dymenate, Dyna-Hex, Dynabac, Dynacin, Dynacirc, Dynacirc CR, Dynafed Maximum Strength, DynaLeap, Dynapen, DynaStat, Dynothel, dyphylline, Dyrenium, Dyspep HB, Dytuss,


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