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USP Drugs:
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To add these medical pharmaceutical spellings to your spell checker:

First, a word about the spelling of generic, non-prescription, prescription, and OTC (over-the-counter) pharmaceuticals. As a general rule, the chemical name of a drug, usually called the "generic name," is not capitalized, while the proper or trade name is. There are some exceptions however, such as when drug companies take a generic drug name and preface it with certain letters. A good example of this spelling protocol is "Apo-Furosemide," which is the brand, trade, or proper name of the generic drug "furosemide" made by Apotex Inc. Because the generic name becomes part of a proper name, it should be capitalized. Secondly, when adding prescription and nonprescription drug and product names to your speller program, be careful what you add. Nowadays many companies spell the actual drug or product just a little bit different than the actual generic name. If you add a slightly altered drug word, such as "Oxybutyn" (the brand, trade, or proper name) for "oxybutynin" (the generic name), your speller will accept the proper name when you may have actually intended to type the generic version. You will also come across similar decisions when adding products whose proper names may have manufactured words such as "Sunfilter" in "Bain de Soleil All Day Sunfilter."

With your word-processing program or a text editor open, use your mouse to select all the words below in one group. Then, while the words are still selected, copy the words by keying <CTRL>+<C>. This copies the selected text to your computer's "clipboard." Go to a new page in your word-processing program or text editor and key <CTRL><V>. This "pastes" the words onto the page from your computer's "clipboard." Now run your spell-checking feature as you normally would and just add any words your spell checker program does not recognize, keeping in mind the cautions outlined above. The drug and product words and word-groups listed below are separated by a comma.


H2 Oxyl 10 Gel, H2 Oxyl 2.5 Gel, H2 Oxyl 20 Gel, H2 Oxyl 5 Gel, Habitrol, Haemophilus influenzae Type B polysaccharide vaccine, halazepam, halcinonide, halcinonide topical, Halcion, Haldol, Haldol decanoate, Haldol L.A., Haley's M-O, Halfan, Halfprin, Halobetasol, halobetasol topical, Halodrin, Halofed, Halofed Adult Strength, Halog, Halog-E, haloperidol, haloperidol decanoate, haloprogin topical, Halotestin, Halotex, Halothane, Halotussin, Halotussin-DM, Halotussin DM, Halotussin DM Sugar-Free, Haltran, Hammer, Harmonyl, Havrix, Hawaiian Baby Faces Sunblock, Hawaiian Tropic Baby Faces, Hawaiian Tropic Baby Faces Sunblock, Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning, Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning with Sunscreen, Hawaiian Tropic Just For Kids, Hawaiian Tropic Land Sport, Hawaiian Tropic Plus, Hawaiian Tropic Plus Sunblock, Hawaiian Tropic Protective Tanning, Hawaiian Tropic Protective Tanning Dry, Hawaiian Tropic Self-tanning Sunblock, Hawaiian Tropic Sport Sunblock, Hawaiian Tropic Sunblock, Hawaiian Tropic Water Sport, Hayfebrol, Hayfebrol liquid, HB vaccine, HbOC, HbPV, HCTZ, HDCVRVA, Head & Shoulders Antidandruff Cream Shampoo Normal to Dry Formula, Head & Shoulders Antidandruff Cream Shampoo Normal to Oily Formula, Head & Shoulders Antidandruff Lotion Shampoo 2 in 1 Formula, Head & Shoulders Antidandruff Lotion Shampoo Normal to Dry Formula, Head & Shoulders Antidandruff Lotion Shampoo Normal to Oily Formula, Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo, Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo Plus Conditioner 2 in 1, Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp (Normal or Dry Hair), Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp 2 in 1 Formula Lotion Shampoo, Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Conditioning Formula Lotion Shampoo, Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Regular Formula Lotion Shampoo, Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment 2 in 1 Formula Dandruff Lotion Shampoo, Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment Conditioning Formula Dandruff Lotion Shampoo, Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment Regular Formula Dandruff Lotion Shampoo, Headache Tablet, Healthprin Adult Low Strength, Healthprin Full Strength, Healthprin Half-Dose, Hectorol, Helidac, Helixate, Hema-Check, Hemabate, Hematest, HemaWipe, HemeSelect, Hemoccult, Hemoccult II, Hemoccult II SENSA, Hemoccult SENSA, Hemocyte, Hemofil M, Hemorrhoidal HC, Hemril-HC, Hemril-HC Uniserts, Hep-Lock, Hep-Pak, Hep-Pak CVC, Hepahydrin, Hepalean, heparin, Heparin Leo, Hepatic-Aid II, Heptalac, Heptogesic, Herbal Laxative, Herbopyrine, Herceptin, Herpecin-L Cold Sore, Herplex, Herplex Liquifilm, Hetrazan, hexacyanoferrate (II), Hexadrol, Hexadrol phosphate, Hexalen, Hexalol, Hexamethylmelamine, Hexastat, Hexit, Hi-Cor, Hi-Cor 1.0, Hi-Cor 2.5, Hi Tex PSE, Hib CPS, Hib polysaccharide vaccine, Hibiclens, Hibistat, Hibistat Towelette, Hibtiter, Highland DM, Hip-Rex, Hiprex, Hismanal, Hista-Tabs, Hista-Vadrin, Histade, Histafed, Histafed L.A., Histagesic Modified, Histaject, Histalet, Histalet Forte, histamine, Histantil, Histatab Plus, Histatan, Histenol, Histerone, Histex, Histine-D, Histinex DM, Histinex HC, Histinex PV, Histor-D, Histosal, Histussin HC, HiTex PSE, Hivid, HMS, HMS Liquifilm, Hold DM, Homapin, homatropine, homatropine ophthalmic, Homosalate, Hongos, Honvol, HRIG, Humalog, Humalog Mix, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), human erythropoietin, human erythropoietin - recombinant, human gonadotropins, human growth hormone (HGH), human menopausal gonadotropins (HMG), Humate-P, Humatrope, Humavent L.A., Humegon, Humibid DM, Humibid DM Pediatric, Humibid GC, Humibid Guaifenesin Plus, Humibid L.A., Humibid Pediatric, Humibid Sprinkle, Humigen DM, Humigen L.A., Humorsol, Humorsol Ocumeter, Humulin-L, Humulin-N, Humulin-R, Humulin-U, Humulin 10/90, Humulin 20/80, Humulin 30/70, Humulin 40/60, Humulin 50/50, Humulin 70/30, Humulin 70/30 Pen, Humulin L, Humulin N, Humulin N Pen, Humulin R, Humulin U, Humulin U Ultralente, Hurricaine, Hy-Phen, Hy/Gestrone, Hyalgan, hyaluronic acid, Hyate:C, Hybolin, Hybolin Decanoate, Hycamtin, Hyco-Pap, Hycodan, Hycomed, Hycomine, Hycomine-S Pediatric, Hycomine Compound, Hycomine Pediatric, Hycort, Hycotuss Expectorant, Hydeltra-TBA, Hydeltrasol, Hydergine, Hydergine LC, Hyderm, Hydra-Zide, hydralazine, hydralazine-hydrochlorothiazide, hydralazine / hydrochlorothiazide / reserpine, Hydralazine Plus, hydramine, hydramine compound, Hydramine cough Syrup, Hydrap-ES, Hydrate, Hydrea, Hydrex, Hydrisalic, Hydro-Chlor, Hydro-Cobex, Hydro-Crysti-12, Hydro-D, Hydro-Reserp, Hydro-serp, Hydro-Tex, Hydro-Tuss DM, Hydro Par, Hydrobexan, Hydrocet, hydrochloride, hydrochloride compound, hydrochlorothiazide, hydrochlorothiazide-amiloride, hydrochlorothiazide-benazepril, hydrochlorothiazide-bisoprolol, hydrochlorothiazide-captopril, hydrochlorothiazide-enalapril, hydrochlorothiazide-guanethidine, hydrochlorothiazide-hydralazine, hydrochlorothiazide-lisinopril, hydrochlorothiazide-losartan, hydrochlorothiazide-methyldopa, hydrochlorothiazide-metoprolol, hydrochlorothiazide-moexipril, hydrochlorothiazide-propranolol, hydrochlorothiazide-quinapril, hydrochlorothiazide-reserpine, hydrochlorothiazide-spironolactone, hydrochlorothiazide-timolol, hydrochlorothiazide-triamterene, hydrochlorothiazide-valsartan, Hydrocil Instant, hydrocodone, hydrocodone-acetaminophen, hydrocodone-aspirin, hydrocodone with APAP, Hydrocort cream, Hydrocort SS, hydrocortisone, hydrocortisone / neomycin / polymyxin B ophthalmic, Hydrocortisone 1% In Absorbase, Hydrocortisone AC, hydrocortisone acetate, hydrocortisone buteprate topical, hydrocortisone butyrate, hydrocortisone butyrate topical, hydrocortisone cypionate, hydrocortisone sodium phosphate, hydrocortisone topical, hydrocortisone valerate, hydrocortisone valerate topical, Hydrocortone, Hydrocortone Acetate, Hydrocortone Phosphate, HydroDiuril, Hydroflumethiazide, Hydrogesic, Hydromet, Hydromine, Hydromine Pediatric, hydromorphone, Hydromox, Hydromycin, Hydropane, HydroPar, Hydrophen, Hydropine, Hydropine H.P., Hydropres, Hydropres-25, Hydropres-50, Hydroserp, Hydroserpine, Hydroserpine #1, Hydrosine, Hydrostat IR, Hydrotensin, Hydroxocobalamin, Hydroxy-Cobal, hydroxyamphetamine ophthalmic, hydroxychloroquine, Hydroxyprogesterone, hydroxypropyl cellulose ophthalmic, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose ophthalmic, hydroxyurea, hydroxyzine, hydroxyzine hydrochloride, hydroxyzine pamoate, Hygroton, Hylan G-F, Hylorel, Hylutin, hyoscine, hyoscine hydrobromide, hyoscine methobromide, hyoscyamine, Hyosol, Hyosophen, Hyperab, hypericum perforatum, HypRho-D Full Dose, HypRho-D Mini-Dose, hypromellose, Hyrexin, Hytakerol, Hytinic, Hytone, Hytrin, Hytuss, Hytuss-2X, Hyzaar, Hyzine, Hyzine-50,


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