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USP Drugs:
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To add these medical pharmaceutical spellings to your spell checker:

First, a word about the spelling of generic, non-prescription, prescription, and OTC (over-the-counter) pharmaceuticals. As a general rule, the chemical name of a drug, usually called the "generic name," is not capitalized, while the proper or trade name is. There are some exceptions however, such as when drug companies take a generic drug name and preface it with certain letters. A good example of this spelling protocol is "Apo-Furosemide," which is the brand, trade, or proper name of the generic drug "furosemide" made by Apotex Inc. Because the generic name becomes part of a proper name, it should be capitalized. Secondly, when adding prescription and nonprescription drug and product names to your speller program, be careful what you add. Nowadays many companies spell the actual drug or product just a little bit different than the actual generic name. If you add a slightly altered drug word, such as "Oxybutyn" (the brand, trade, or proper name) for "oxybutynin" (the generic name), your speller will accept the proper name when you may have actually intended to type the generic version. You will also come across similar decisions when adding products whose proper names may have manufactured words such as "Sunfilter" in "Bain de Soleil All Day Sunfilter."

With your word-processing program or a text editor open, use your mouse to select all the words below in one group. Then, while the words are still selected, copy the words by keying <CTRL>+<C>. This copies the selected text to your computer's "clipboard." Go to a new page in your word-processing program or text editor and key <CTRL><V>. This "pastes" the words onto the page from your computer's "clipboard." Now run your spell-checking feature as you normally would and just add any words your spell checker program does not recognize, keeping in mind the cautions outlined above. The drug and product words and word-groups listed below are separated by a comma.


M-Caps, M-DET, M-Eslon, M-Hist, M-Hist TD, M-M-R II, M-Oxy, M-Phen, M-Prednisolone, M-R-VAX II, M-Zole Dual Pack, MS Contin, M.O.S., M.O.S. SR, Maalox, Maalox Antacid Caplets, Maalox Anti-Diarrheal, Maalox Anti-Gas, Maalox Anti-Gas Extra Strength, Maalox GRF Gas Relief Formula, Maalox GRF Gas Relief Formula Extra Strength, Maalox H2 Acid Controller, Maalox Heartburn Relief Formula, Maalox HRF, Maalox Plus, Maalox Quick Dissolve, Maalox Quick Dissolve Maximum Strength, Maalox TC, Macrobid, Macrodantin, Mag-200, Mag-G, Mag-L-100, Mag-Ox 400, Mag-Tab SR, Mag 2, Mag 64, Magaldrate, Magan, Magdelay, Maglucate, Magnacal, Magnalox, Magnalox Plus, Magnaprin, Magnesia, Magnesium-Rougier, magnesium amino acids chelate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium carbonates, magnesium chloride, magnesium citrate, magnesium gluceptate, magnesium gluconate, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium lactate, magnesium oxide, magnesium pidolate, magnesium salicylate, magnesium salicylates, magnesium sulfate, magnesium trisilicate, Magnolax, Magonate, Magonate Natal, Magtrate, Majeptil, Major-Con, Majorcon, Malarone, Malarone Pediatric, Malatal, malathion topical, Maldec, Maldec DM, Mallamint, Mallopress, Malogen in Oil, Malt Soup Extract, Maltsupex, Mandelamine, Mandol, manganese, Maolate, Maox, Maox 420, Mapap Cold Formula, maprotiline, Mar-Zinc, Marax, Marax-DF, Marblen, Marcaine, Marcaine Spinal, Marcof Expectorant, Marezine, Margesic, Margesic-H, Margesic #3, Marinol, Marnal, Marplan, Marpres, Marthritic, Marvelon, Marzine, Masporin Otic, Massengill Medicated Soft Cloth, Mastussin, Mastussin DM, Mastussin PE, Matricaria, Matulane, Mavik, Max-Caro, Maxafil Cream, Maxair, Maxair Autohaler, Maxalt, Maxalt-MLT, Maxaquin, Maxcosin L.A., Maxenal, Maxeran, Maxi-Tuss DM, Maxidex, Maxifed, Maxifed-G, Maxiflor, Maximum Strength Arthritis Foundation Safety Coated Aspirin, Maximum Strength Ascriptin, Maximum Strength Caplets, Maximum Strength Cortaid, Maximum Strength Doan's Analgesic Caplets, Maximum Strength Gas Relief, Maximum Strength Mylanta Gas, Maximum Strength Mylanta Gas Relief, Maximum Strength Phazyme, Maximum Strength Phazyme 125 Softgels, Maximum Strength SnapBack Stimulant Powders, Maximum Strength Tablets, Maxipime, Maxitrol, Maxivate, MAXX, MAXX Plus, Maxzide, Maxzide-25, Mazanor, mazindol, MB-TAB, Mc 903, MCT Oil, Mebaral, mebendazole, mecamylamine, Meclan, Meclicot, meclizine, Meclocycline, meclocyclinesulfosalicylate topical, Meclofenamate, meclofenamic, Meclofenamic acid, Meclomen, Mectizan, Med-Hist, Med-Hist Exp, Med-Hist HC, Med-Jec-40, Med Tamoxifen, Med Valproic, Medasulf, Medent, Medent LD, Mederek, Medex-L.A., Medi-Glybe, Medicort, Medidex, Medidex L.A., Medidiol, Medigesic, Medihaler-Epi, Medihaler-Iso, Medihaler Ergotamine, Medilax, Mediplast, Medipred, Medipren, Medipren Caplets, Mediquell, Meditest, Medivert, Medotar, Medralone, Medralone-40, Medralone-80, Medrogestone, Medrol, Medrol Dosepak, medroxyprogesterone, medroxyprogesterone-conjugated estrogens, Medrysone, medrysone ophthalmic, mefenamic acid, mefloquine, Mefoxin, Mega-C, Mega-C/A Plus, Mega-Trim, Megace, Megace OS, Megacillin, megestrol, Megral, Mel B, Melarsen Oxide-bal, melatonin, Melfiat, Melfiat-105 Unicelles, Mellaril, Mellaril-S, Mellaril Concentrate, meloxicam, Menadiol, Menaval-20, Menest, Meni-D, Menogen, Menogen HS, Menoject-L.A., Menomune, menotrophin, menotropin, menotropins, Mentax, Menthol, Mentholatum Lip Balm, menthyl anthranilate, Menu Magic Instant Breakfast, Menu Magic Milkshake, mepacrine, mepenzolate, meperidine, mephenytoin, mephobarbital, Mephyton, Mepivacaine, meprobamate, Meprogesic, Meprogesic Q, Meprolone, Mepron, Meprospan-200, Meprospan-400, mequinol-tretinoin topical, Mercodol with Decapryn, Meridia, Meritene, Merrem I.V., Mersyndol, Mersyndol w/ codeine, Meruvax II, mesalamine, mesalazine, Mesantoin, Mesasal, Mescolor, Mesnex, mesoridazine, Mestinon, Mestinon-SR, Mestinon Timespans, mestranol, mestranol-norethindrone, meta-iodobenzylguanidine (mIBG), Metadate ER, Metaderm Mild, Metaderm Regular, Metahistine D, Metahydrin, Metamucil, Metamucil Apple Crisp Fiber Wafers, Metamucil Cinnamon Spice Fiber Wafers, Metamucil Orange Flavor, Metamucil Smooth, Metamucil Smooth Sugar-Free, Metamucil Sugar-Free, Metamucil Sugar Free, Metandren, Metaprel, Metaproterenol, Metastron, Metatensin, Metaxalone, Meted, Metformin, methacholine, Methacort 40, Methacort 80, Methadex, Methadone, Methadose, methamphetamine, methantheline, methanthelinium, metharbital, methazolamide, methdilazine, Methergine, methicillin, methimazole, methionine, methocarbamol, methocarbamol-aspirin, methocel, methohexital, methohexitone, methohexitonethiopentone, methotrexate, methotrimeprazine, methoxyflurane, methscopolamine, methsuximide, methyclothiazide, methylcellulose, Methylcotolone, methyldopa, methyldopa-chlorothiazide, methyldopa-hydrochlorothiazide, Methylergometrine, methylergonovine, methylin, Methylin ER, methylphenidate, methylprednisolone, methyltestosterone, methyltestosterone-conjugated estrogens, methyltestosterone-esterified estrogens, methylthionine chloride, methyprylon, methysergide maleate, Meticorten, Metimyd, Metipranolol, metipranolol ophthalmic, Metoclopramide, Metoclopramide Intensol, Metolazone, Metopirone, Metoprolol, metoprolol-hydrochlorothiazide, Metric, Metro I.V., MetroCream, Metrodin, MetroGel, MetroGel-Vaginal, MetroLotion, metronidazole, metronidazole topical, Metryl, metyrosine, Mevacor, Mevinolin, Mexate, Mexate-AQ, mexiletine, Mexitil, Mezlin, Mezlocillin, Mg chloride, Mg gluconate, Mg hydroxide, Mg oxide, MGP, Mi-Acid, Mi-Acid Double Strength, Miacalcin, Miacalcin Nasal, Micanol, Micardis, Micatin, Micatin Cooling Action, Micatin Foot Powder, Micatin Foot Powder Deodorant, Micatin Foot Spray Deodorant Powder, Micatin Jock Itch, Micatin Liquid Foot, Micon-80, Micon 7, Miconazole-7, miconazole topical, Micozole, Micrainin, MICRhoGAM, Micro-K, Micro-K LS, Micro-K10, Micro-KLS, Microlipid, Micronase, Micronefrin, Micronor, Microzide, Midahist DH, Midamor, Midchlor, Midol IB, Midol Maximum Strength Formula, Midol PM, Midrin, Mifeprex, mifepristone, Migergot, miglitol, Migquin, Migranal, Migrapap, Migratine, Migrazone, Migrend, Migrex, milk of magnesia, Milkinol, Milontin, Milophene, Miltown, Miltown-200, Miltown-400, Miltown-600, Min-Ovral, Mineral Oil, Minestrin 1, Minestrin 1/20, Mini-Gamulin Rh, Minims Atropine, Minims Cyclopentolate, Minims Homatropine, Minims Phenylephrine, Minims Pilocarpine, Minims Tetracaine, Minims Tropicamide, Minipress, Minitabs, Minitran, Minizide, Minocin, minocycline, Minotal, minoxidil, minoxidil topical, Minoxigaine, Mintezol, Mintox, Mintox Extra Strength, Mio-Rel, Miocarpine, Miostat, Miradon, Mirapex, Mircette, mirtazapine, misoprostol, misoprostol-diclofenac, Mithracin, Mithramycin, Mitran, Mitrazol, Mitride, Mitrolan, MK 790, Moban, Moban Concentrate, Mobenol, Mobic, Mobicox, Mobidin, Mobiflex, Moctanin, modafinil, Modane, Modane Bulk, Modane Plus, Modane Soft, Modecate, Modecate Concentrate, Modicon, Modified Shohl's Solution, Moditen Enanthate, Moditen HCl, Moditen HCl-H.P., Modrastane, Moducal, Moduret, Moduretic, moexipril, moexipril-hydrochlorothiazide, Mogadon, Moisture Drops, Mol-Iron, Molatoc, Molatoc-CST, molindone, Molypen, mometasone nasal, mometasone topical, Monarc-M, monascus, Monazole 7, Monistat-1, Monistat-1 Dual Pack, Monistat-Derm, Monistat 1, Monistat 3, Monistat 3 Combination Pack, Monistat 3 Dual-Pak, Monistat 3 Vaginal Ovules, Monistat 5, Monistat 5 Tampon, Monistat 7, Monistat 7 Combination Pack, Monistat 7 Dual-Pak, Monistat 7 Vaginal Suppositories, Monistat Derm, Monistat I.V., Monitan, Mono-Gesic, Monocid, Monoclate-P, Monoctanoin, Monodox, Monoket, Mononine, Monooctanoin, Monopril, Monopril HCT, montelukast, Monurol, Mooredec, Moranyl, moricizine, morphine, Morphine Extra-Forte, Morphine Forte, Morphine H.P., Morphitec, Motofen, Motrin, Motrin IB Caplets, Motrin Chewables, Motrin Children's, Motrin Childrens, Motrin IB, Motrin IB Sinus, Motrin IB Sinus Caplets, Motrin Migraine Pain, moxifloxacin, MRV, MS Contin, MS/L, MS/L Concentrate, MS/S, MS.IR, MSContin, MSIR, Mucinum, Muco-Fen 1200, Muco-Fen 800, Muco-Fen DM, Muco-Fen L.A., Mucobid-L.A., Mucobid DM, Mucolysin, Mucomyst, Mucomyst-10, Mucosil, Multihist D, Multihistamine-D, Multihistamine-D Ped, Multipax, Multiple Vitamins, Mulvidren-F, Mumpsvax, Mupirocin, mupirocin topical, Murine Plus, Muro's Opcon, Muse, Muskol, Mustargen, Mutamycin, My-E, My Baby Gas Relief Drops, Myambutol, Mycelex, Mycelex-7, Mycelex-G, Mycelex Cream, Mycelex OTC, Mycelex Solution, Mycelex Troche, Mycelex Troches, Mycelex Twin Pack, Mycelex Twin Pak, Mycifradin, Myciguent, Mycitracin, Myclo-Gyne, Myclo Cream, Myclo Gyne, Myclo Solution, Myclo Spray Solution, Myco-Biotic II, Myco-Triacet II, Myco II, Mycobiotic II, Mycobutin, Mycogen II, Mycolog II, mycophenolate mofetil, MyCort, Mycostatin, Mycostatin Pastilles, Mycostatin topical, Mydfrin, Mydral, Mydriacyl, Mydriafair, Myfedrine, Mygel, Mygel II, Mygracet, Myidone, Mykacet, Mykacet II, Mykrox, Mylanta, Mylanta AR, Mylanta AR Acid Reducer, Mylanta Calci Tabs Extra Strength, Mylanta Child, Mylanta Double Strength, Mylanta Double Strength Plain, Mylanta Extra Strength, Mylanta Gas, Mylanta Gas Relief, Mylanta Gelcaps, Mylanta Natural Fiber Supplement, Mylanta Sugar Free Natural Fiber Supplement, Mylaval, Myleran, Mylicon, Mylicon Drops, Mymethasone, Myminic Expectorant, Myminicol, Myminicol 31, Myochrysine, Myolin, Myotrol, Myphetane DC Cough, Myphetane DX, Myphetane DX Cough, Myphetapp, Myproic Acid, Myrosemide, Mysoline, Mytab Gas, Mytelase Caplets, Mytrex, Mytussin, Mytussin AC, Mytussin DAC, Mytussin DM, Mytussin PE, MZM,


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