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USP Drugs:
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To add these medical pharmaceutical spellings to your spell checker:

First, a word about the spelling of generic, non-prescription, prescription, and OTC (over-the-counter) pharmaceuticals. As a general rule, the chemical name of a drug, usually called the "generic name," is not capitalized, while the proper or trade name is. There are some exceptions however, such as when drug companies take a generic drug name and preface it with certain letters. A good example of this spelling protocol is "Apo-Furosemide," which is the brand, trade, or proper name of the generic drug "furosemide" made by Apotex Inc. Because the generic name becomes part of a proper name, it should be capitalized. Secondly, when adding prescription and nonprescription drug and product names to your speller program, be careful what you add. Nowadays many companies spell the actual drug or product just a little bit different than the actual generic name. If you add a slightly altered drug word, such as "Oxybutyn" (the brand, trade, or proper name) for "oxybutynin" (the generic name), your speller will accept the proper name when you may have actually intended to type the generic version. You will also come across similar decisions when adding products whose proper names may have manufactured words such as "Sunfilter" in "Bain de Soleil All Day Sunfilter."

With your word-processing program or a text editor open, use your mouse to select all the words below in one group. Then, while the words are still selected, copy the words by keying <CTRL>+<C>. This copies the selected text to your computer's "clipboard." Go to a new page in your word-processing program or text editor and key <CTRL><V>. This "pastes" the words onto the page from your computer's "clipboard." Now run your spell-checking feature as you normally would and just add any words your spell checker program does not recognize, keeping in mind the cautions outlined above. The drug and product words and word-groups listed below are separated by a comma.


N-acetylcysteine, N-IPV, N.E.E. 1/35, N.E.E. 1/50, N3 Gesic, N3 Gesic Forte, nabumetone, nadolol, Nadopen-V, Nadopen-V 200, Nadopen-V 400, Nadostine, Nadrothyron-D, Nafazair, Nafcil, nafcillin, naftifine topical, Naftin, Naganin, Naganol, Nalbuphine, Nalcrom, Nalda-Relief Pediatric, Nalda-Relief Pediatric Drops, Naldecon, Naldecon-CX Adult Liquid, Naldecon-DX Adult Liquid, Naldecon-DX Children's Syrup, Naldecon-DX Pediatric Drops, Naldecon-EX Children's Syrup, Naldecon-EX Pediatric, Naldecon-EX Pediatric Drops, Naldecon-EX Senior, Naldecon DX Liquigel, Naldecon Pediatric, Naldecon Pediatric Drops, Naldecon Pediatric Syrup, Naldecon Senior DX, Naldecon Senior EX, Naldelate, Naldelate Pediatric, Naldelate Pediatric Drops, Naldelate Pediatric Syrup, Nalex, Nalex-A, Nalex DH, Nalex Jr., Nalfed, Nalfed-PD, Nalfon, Nalfon 200, Nalgest, Nalgest Pediatric, Nalgestic Pediatric, Nallpen, naloxone-pentazocine, Nalphen, Nalphen Pediatric, Nalspan, Nalspan Senior DX, Nandrolone, naphazoline-zinc ophthalmic, naphazoline ophthalmic, Naphcon, Naphcon Forte, Naphuride, Naprelan, Naprosyn, Naprosyn E, Naprosyn SR, naproxen, naproxen-pseudoephedrine, naproxen sodium, Naqua, Naquival, naratriptan, Nardil, Naropin, Nasabid, Nasabid SR, Nasacort, Nasacort AQ, Nasahist B, Nasahist L.A., Nasalcrom, Nasalide, Nasarel, Nasatab L.A., Nasatuss, Nascobal, Nasonex, Natacyn, natamycin ophthalmic, Natulan, Naturacil, Natural Source Fibre Laxative, Naturalyte, Nature's Remedy, Nature's Tears, Naturetin, Nauseatol, Navane, Navelbine, Naxen, ND-Gesic, ND Clear, ND Clear T.D., ND Stat, Nebcin, NebuPent, Necon 0.5/35, Necon 1/35, Necon 1/50, Necon 10/11, nedocromil, nedocromil ophthalmic, nefazodone, NegGram, nelfinavir, Nelova, Nelova 0.5, Nelova 0.5/35, Nelova 0.5/35E, Nelova 1, Nelova 1/35, Nelova 1/35E, Nelova 1/50 M, Nelova 1/50M, Nelova 10/11, Nemasol Sodium, Nembutal, Nembutal Sodium, Neo-Calglucon, Neo-Citran A, Neo-Citran Colds, Neo-Citran Colds and Flu, Neo-Citran Colds and Flu Calorie Reduced, Neo-Citran Day Caps Extra Strength Caplets, Neo-Citran Extra Strength Colds, Neo-Citran Extra Strength Colds and Flu, Neo-Citran Extra Strength Sinus, Neo-Codema, Neo-Cortef, Neo-Decadron, Neo-Decadron Ocumeter, Neo-DecadronOcumeter, Neo-Dex, Neo-Dexair, Neo-DM, Neo-Estrone, Neo-Fer, Neo-K, Neo-Laryngobis, Neo-Medrol, Neo-Medrol Acne Lotion, Neo-Medrol Veriderm Cream, Neo-Pause, Neo-Synephrine, Neo-Synephrine 12-Hour, Neo-Synephrine 12-Hour Extra Moisturizing Spray, Neo-Synephrine 12-Hour Nasal Spray, Neo-Synephrine 12-Hour Nasal Spray Pump, Neo-Synephrine 12-Hour Spray, Neo-Synephrine II Long Acting Nasal Spray Adult Strength, Neo-Synephrine II Long Acting Nose Drops Adult Strength, Neo-Synephrine Nasal Drops, Neo-Synephrine Nasal Jelly, Neo-Synephrine Nasal Spray, Neo-Synephrine ophthalmic, Neo-Synephrine Pediatric Nasal Drops, Neo-Zol Cream, Neocidin, Neocidin ophthalmic ointment, Neocidin ophthalmic solution, Neocin, Neocin PG, NeoCitran DM Coughs, NeoCitran DM Coughs and Colds, Neocontrast, Neofrin, Neolax, Neoloid, neomycin, neomycin-dexamethasone ophthalmic, neomycin / polymyxin B /prednisolone ophthalmic, Neopap, Neoptic, Neoral, Neosar, Neosporin Cream, Neosporin Maximum Strength Ointment, Neosporin Ointment, Neosporin ophthalmic, Neosporin ophthalmic Ointment, Neosporin ophthalmic Solution, Neostigmine, Neotal, Neothylline, Neotricin HC, Nephro-Calci, Nephro-Fer, Nephro Calci, Nephron, Nephrox, Nepro, Neptazane, Nerisone, Nerisone Oily, Nervine, Nervine Nighttime Sleep-Aid, Nervocaine, Nesacaine, Nesacaine-CE, Nesacaine-MPF, Nestrex, Netilmicin, Netromycin, Neuleptil, Neumega, Neupogen, NeuroForte-R, Neurontin, Neutra-Phos, Neutra-Phos-K, Neutracare Mint Gel, Neutralca-S, Neutrexin, Neutrogena Acne Mask, Neutrogena Chemical-Free Sunblocker, Neutrogena Deep Glow, Neutrogena Intensified Day Moisture, Neutrogena Light Glow, Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer, Neutrogena Moisture Untinted & with Sheer Tint, Neutrogena No Stick Sunscreen, Neutrogena On Spot Acne Treatment, Neutrogena Sunblock, Neutrogena T-Scalp, nevirapine, Nia-Bid, Niac, Niacels, niacin, Niacin SR, Niacor, Niacor B3, Niaspan ER, Niaspan ER Starter Pack, nicardipine, NIce with Vitamin C, Niclocide, niclosamide, Nico-400, Nicobid Tempules, Nicoderm, NicoDerm CQ, Nicolar, Nicorette, Nicorette D.S., Nicorette Plus, nicotine, Nicotinex, Nicotinex Elixir, nicotinic acid, Nicotrol, Nicotrol Inhaler, Nicotrol Nasal Spray, Nicotrol NS, Nicotrol Refill, Nicotrol TD, nicoumalone, NidaGel, nifedipine, Niferex, Niferex-150, Night-Time Effervescent Cold, Night Allergy, Night Cast R, Night Cast Regular Formula Mask-lotion, Night Cast Special Formula Mask-lotion, Nilandron, Nilstat, nilutamide, Nimbus Quick Strip, Nimodipine, Nimotop, Niong, Nipent, nisoldipine, Nitrazepam, Nitrek, Nitro-Bid, Nitro-Bid IV, Nitro-Dur, Nitro-Par, Nitro-Time, Nitro Macro, Nitro TD Patch-A, Nitrocap, Nitrocap TD, Nitrocot, Nitrodisc, Nitrofuracot, nitrofurantoin, nitrofurantoin dual release, nitrofurantoin macro-crystals, nitrofurantoin regular release, Nitrogard, Nitrogard SR, nitrogen mustard, nitroglycerin, Nitroglycerin Ointment, Nitroglycerin Transdermal Patches, Nitroglyn, Nitroglyn E-R, Nitrol, Nitrol Appli-Kit, Nitrolin, Nitrolingual, Nitronet, Nitrong, Nitrong SR, Nitroprusside Urine Ketone Test, Nitroquick, Nitrospan, Nitrostat, NitroTD Patch-A, Nivea Sun, Nix Cream Rinse, nizatidine, Nizoral, Nizoral A-D Shampoo, Nizoral Cream, Nizoral Shampoo, Nizoral topical, NoDoz, NoDoz Maximum Strength Caplets, Nogenic HC, Nolahist, Nolamine, Nolvadex, Nolvadex-D, Nonoxynol, Nor-Pred T.B.A., Nor-QD, Norco, Nordette, Nordette-21, Nordette-28, Norditropin, Norel, Norel Plus, Norethin 1, Norethin 1/35 E, Norethin 1/35E, Norethin 1/50 M, Norethin 1/50M, norethindrone, norethindrone-estradiol, norethindrone-ethinyl estradiol, norethindrone-ethinylestradiol, norethindrone-mestranol, norethindrone acetate, norethisterone, Norflex, norfloxacin, norfloxacin ophthalmic, Norfranil, Norgesic, Norgesic Forte, Norgestrel, Norinyl 1, Norinyl 1/35, Norinyl 1/50, Norinyl 1+35, Norinyl 1+50, Noritate, Norlutate, Normiflo, Normodyne, Noroxin, Norpace, Norpace CR, Norphadrine, Norphadrine Forte, Norplant, Norplant System, Norpramin, North American coral snake antivenin, nortriptyline, Norvasc, Norvir, Norwich Aspirin, Norwood Sunburn Spray, Norzine, Nostril Spray Pump, Nostril Spray Pump Mild, Nostrilla, Nostrilla 12-Hour Nasal Decongestant, Nostrilla Long-Acting Nasal Decongestant, Nova-T, Nova Rectal, Novafed, Novafed A, Novagest Expectorant w/codeine, Novahistex, Novahistex C, Novahistex DH, Novahistex DH Expectorant, Novahistex DM, Novahistex DM Expectorant w/ decongestant, Novahistex DM Expectorant w/decongestant, Novahistex DM w/decongestant, Novahistex Expectorant w/ Decongestant, Novahistex Expectorant w/decongestant, Novahistine, Novahistine DH, Novahistine DH Liquid, Novahistine DM, Novahistine DM Expectorant w/ decongestant, Novahistine DM Expectorant w/decongestant, Novahistine DM w/ decongestant, Novahistine DM w/decongestant, Novahistine DMX Liquid, Novahistine Elixir, Novahistine Expectorant, Novamoxin, Novantrone, Novasen, Novasen Sp.C, Novo-AC, Novo-AC and C, Novo-Alprazol, Novo-Ampicillin, Novo-Atenol, Novo-AZT, Novo-Baclofen, Novo-Butamide, Novo-Carbamaz, Novo-Chlorhydrate, Novo-Chlorpromazine, Novo-Cimetine, Novo-Clopate, Novo-Cloxin, Novo-Cromolyn, Novo-Difenac, Novo-Difenac SR, Novo-Diflunisal, Novo-Digoxin, Novo-Diltazem, Novo-Dipam, Novo-Dipiradol, Novo-Doxepin, Novo-Doxylin, Novo-Famotidine, Novo-Flupam, Novo-Flurazine, Novo-Flurprofen, Novo-Folacid, Novo-Furantoin, Novo-Gemfibrozil, Novo-Gesic C15, Novo-Gesic C30, Novo-Gesic C8, Novo-Glyburide, Novo-Hydrazide, Novo-Hydroxyzin, Novo-Hylazin, Novo-Indapamide, Novo-Keto-EC, Novo-Levobunolol, Novo-Lexin, Novo-Lorazem, Novo-Medopa, Novo-Medrone, Novo-Metformin, Novo-Methacin, Novo-Metoprol, Novo-Miconazole Vaginal Ovules, Novo-Minocycline, Novo-Naprox, Novo-Naprox Sodium, Novo-Naprox Sodium D.S., Novo-Niacin, Novo-Nidazol, Novo-Nifedin, Novo-Pen-VK, Novo-Pentobarb, Novo-Peridol, Novo-Pheniram, Novo-Pindol, Novo-Pirocam, Novo-Poxide, Novo-Pramine, Novo-Pranol, Novo-Profen, Novo-Propamide, Novo-Pyrazone, Novo-Quinidin, Novo-Ranitidine, Novo-Reserpine, Novo-Ridazine, Novo-Rythro, Novo-Rythro Encap, Novo-Salmol, Novo-Secobarb, Novo-Selegiline, Novo-Semide, Novo-Sorbide, Novo-Soxazole, Novo-Spiroton, Novo-Spirozine, Novo-Sundac, Novo-Tamoxifen, Novo-Temazepam, Novo-Terfenadine, Novo-Tetra, Novo-Thalidone, Novo-Timol, Novo-Tolmetin, Novo-Triamzide, Novo-Trifluzine, Novo-Trimel, Novo-Trimel D.S., Novo-Triolam, Novo-Tripramine, Novo-Triptyn, Novo-Valproic, Novo-Veramil, Novo-Xapam, Novobetamet, Novocain, Novocain w/ Levophed, Novocain w/ Neo-Cobefrin, Novochlorocap, Novocimetine, Novodipam, Novodipiradol, Novodoparil, Novodoxylin, Novoferrogluc, Novoferrosulfa, Novofibrate, Novoflupam, Novofumar, Novohydrocort, Novolin-Pen 1.5, Novolin-Pen 3, Novolin 70, Novolin 70/30, Novolin 70/30 PenFill, Novolin 70/30 Prefilled, Novolin ge, Novolin ge 10/90 Penfill, Novolin ge 20/80 Penfill, Novolin ge 30, Novolin ge 30/70, Novolin ge 30/70 Penfill, Novolin ge 40, Novolin ge 40/60 Penfill, Novolin ge 50, Novolin ge 50/50 Penfill, Novolin ge Lente, Novolin ge NPH, Novolin ge NPH Penfill, Novolin ge Toronto, Novolin ge Toronto Penfill, Novolin ge Ultralente, Novolin L, Novolin N, Novolin N Penfill, Novolin N Prefilled, Novolin R, Novolin R Penfill, Novolin R Prefilled, NovoLog, novoxapam, Noxzema Anti-Acne Gel, Noxzema Anti-Acne Pads Maximum Strength, Noxzema Anti-Acne Pads Regular Strength, Noxzema Clear-ups Maximum Strength 10 Lotion, Noxzema Clear-ups On-The-Spot 10 Lotion, Noxzema Moisturizer, Nozinan, Nozinan Liquid, Nozinan Oral Drops, NP-27, NP-27 Cream, NP-27 Powder, NP-27 Solution, NP-27 Spray Powder, NPH, NPH-N, NPH Iletin, NPH Iletin I, NPH Iletin II, NPH insulin, NPH insulin-regular insulin, NPH insulin: NPH, NPH Purified Insulin, NPHinsulin, nphinsulin-regular insulin, NRS Nasal, NTG, ntirogen mustard, NTZ Long Acting Decongestant Nasal Spray, NTZ Long Acting Decongestant Nose Drops, NTZ Long Acting Nasal, Nu-Alpraz, Nu-Amoxi, Nu-Ampi, Nu-Baclofen, Nu-Cal, Nu-Carbamazepine, Nu-Cephalex, Nu-Cimet, Nu-Cloxi, Nu-Cotrimox, Nu-Cotrimox D.S., Nu-Diclo, Nu-Diltiaz, Nu-Doxycycline, Nu-Famotidine, Nu-Flurbiprofen, Nu-Gemfibrozil, Nu-Glyburide, Nu-Ibuprofen, Nu-Indapamide, Nu-Indo, Nu-Iron, Nu-Iron 150, Nu-Iron150, Nu-Levocarb, Nu-Loperamide, Nu-Loraz, Nu-Med, Nu-Medopa, Nu-Metformin, Nu-Metop, Nu-Naprox, Nu-Nifed, Nu-Pen-VK, Nu-Pirox, Nu-Prochlor, Nu-Ranit, Nu-Selegiline, Nu-Tetra, Nu-Triazo, Nu-Valproic, Nu-Verap, Nubain, NuBasics, NuBasics Plus, NuBasics VHP, NuBasics with Fiber, Nucochem Expectorant, Nucochem Pediatric Expectorant, Nucofed, Nucofed Expectorant, Nucofed Pediatric Expectorant, Nucotuss Expectorant, Nucotuss Pediatric Expectorant, Nujol, NuLytely, Num-Zit Gel, Num-Zit Lotion, Numorphan, Numorphan HCl, Numzident, Nupercainal, Nupercainal Cream, Nupercainal HC1%, Nupercainal Ointment, Nuprin, Nuprin Backache Caplet, Nuprin Caplets, Nursoy, Nutr-E-Sol, Nutracort, Nutramigen, Nutren 1.0, Nutren 1.0 with Fiber, Nutren 1.5, Nutren 2.0, NutriHep, Nutrilan, NutriSource, NutriSource HN, NutriVent, Nutropin, Nutropin AQ, Nutropin Depot, Nyaderm, Nydrazid, Nyquil Child Cough, Nyquil Child Cough and Cold, Nyquil Cold Medicine, Nyquil Hot Therapy, Nyquil Liquicap, nystatin, nystatin topical, Nystex, Nystop, Nytcold Medicine, Nytilax, Nytime Cold Medicine Liquid, Nytol Caplet, Nytol QuickCaps, Nytol QuickGels,


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