We are ”MEDWORD”

The Physicians' Charter

The name Medword and its logo is a registered Canadian trade-markMedword is a company originally based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, & now located in the province of Alberta. Medword is now only on the web and no longer performs medical transcription. Medword is a privately owned small business but the owner is retired.

Medword considers itself a "grassroots" company. We started providing helpful information to medical transcriptionists via the web back in 1995. (Back then, we were only one of two medical transcription sites that could be found when searching the Internet.) Although our company started in September, 1989, and we had pages on the web under a personal space, we didn't get our own domain,, until November 12, 1996.

Our mandate for our web activities from the start was to offer information and resources of practical use and value via the web to MTs and other visitors, but without charge. We know from experience the difficulties in starting a small company, performing medical transcription for the first time, integrating new technology into a business, and the frustration encountered in finding relevant information. Medword offers access to all areas of our sites without charge. This includes our MT Gab Medical Transcription Forum, a state-of-the art board populated by a friendly, welcoming, non-judgmental virtual community.

How does Medword manage to operate sites without any charge to visitors? Medword has always "footed the bill" ourselves.

Because of all the e-mails that pass through our system, we could have a legal, lucrative revenue source from selling lists of e-mail addresses of people interested in sites like ours - called a "niche market." Niche market lists can provide substantial revenue for the provider because an advertiser would already know the main interest of the people on the list. However, unlike many companies, Medword does not sell, rent, lease, or share e-mail addresses with third parties. We want our visitors to feel welcome and comfortable on all our sites. We do not want to make money from their e-mail addresses. We don't like our e-mail addresses being added to lists without our permission, so we certainly would never do this to our visitors.

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