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Medical Word List Ophthalmology

Most medical "word books" have the latest terminology, operative procedures, medications, lab tests, instruments, anatomical illustrations, and drug names for specific areas of medicine. The following list is only an extremely small sample of some medical terminology listings for this medical specialty. To review medical word books, please check our Amazon Store.

Acuity Lattice degeneration
Amblyopia Lenses
Amiodarone Lipofuscin
Amsler grid testing Macula
Astigmatism Meibomian glands
Asymmetry Miosis
Best corrected acuity Multifocal
Bifocals Myope
Birefringent Nystagmus
Blephamide Ocuflox
Blepharitis Oculi
Canthus Opticokinetic
Cataracts Orthoptics
Chalazia Perilimbal injection
Conjunctiva Peripapillary atrophy
Corneal endothelium Peripheral drusen
Dilated fundus exam Photopsia
Diopter Presbyopic
Diplopia Pseudoexfoliation syndrome
Disk cupping Pseudophakia
Enophthalmus Pterygium
Epiretinal Refractive
Esotropia Retinopathy
Fovea Scleral injection
Fundus Slit-lamp exam
Glaucoma Staphyloma
Goldmann field Strabismus
Hordeolum Stromal scar
Hyperopic Subretinal macular exudation
Inferotemporal vascular arcade Subretinal
Intraocular Trabecula
Iris Transillumination
Keratoconus Uncorrected acuity
Keratopathy Vitreous
Krukenberg spindle Zincfrin-A

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