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Medical Word List Radiology

Most medical "word books" have the latest terminology, operative procedures, medications, lab tests, instruments, anatomical illustrations, and drug names for specific areas of medicine. The following list is only an extremely small sample of some medical terminology listings for this medical specialty. To review medical word books, please check our Amazon Store.

Acetabular Hallux valgus
Acromioclavicular joint Hazy opacification
Anterolisthesis Hemithorax
AP films Humeral neck
Atelectasis Hyperinflated
Avulsion fracture Ileo-transverse colon
Barrett's esophagus Infiltrate
Bronchial-wall Interstitial
Bronchopneumonia Lucency
Bronchoscopy Malunited
Calcanei Mediastinal
Caliber Meniscal tear
Cardiomegaly MRI
Cardiothoracic ratio Oblique films
Chevron osteotomy Osteomyelitis
Colonoscopy Osteoporotic
Comminuted fracture Pacemaker
COPD Perihilar region
Cortical Peristalsis
Disc herniation Pleural edema
Discectomy Presbyesophagus
Diverticula Prevertebral
Diverticulitis Radiograph
Diverticulosis Sacrum
Echocardiography Sigmoid colon
Femoral Skyline view
Fibular shaft Sliding hiatus hernia
Focal lesion Subluxation
Foramina Talonavicular
Gastroesophageal reflux TB
Hallus valgus Vertebral body

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